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Laughing at all the huddlers who...

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I'm surprised that player utilization is viewable.... and I don't think I like that. Let the people who don't know about Willie Parker stay in the dark, instead of putting their nose in it while they can still change their line up. I think this info should be hidden until the player is locked out.







I totally agree with Rovers on this one.  Can't this be hidden until after the final line-up deadline has passed.  Although it has provided some good comic relief, it could really be a benefit to strategy to know this ahead of time.







Another voice for that here.







and here.  It was hidden for the FFToC, right?







Yes I think it was, right until game time.  Then you could see players utilization after thier games started.







Yes, this info was definitely not available in the FFTOC tourney last year, at least until the line ups for that player were locked. Maybe a polite request in the MVP forum would be a good idea?







I was thinking the same thing fellas. Let's definitely suggest this change (hopefully in time for week 2). It only makes sense.

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