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I need a WR/TE... should I trade

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Standard performance scoring... 6pts rushing/recieving TD's and 4pts passing







L. Tomlinson

L. Jordan

S. Jackson



S. Smith

J. Smith

R. Smith

TJ Houshmandzedah

R. Ferguson

A Bryant



A. Smith






Bucs D

Lions D


So, I was thinking of offering a trade. Like Palmer for R. Moss. Palmer is really hot right now, and I might be able to swing it before he hits the wall in his schedule. I was also thinking of trying to get Gates, or maybe Gonzo for him. The other option is to trade away Bulger; I just think Palmer is going to return to earth soon.


What do you guys think?

Thanks in advance...

Chad :D


PS... Dilfer is still out there for my bye week/backup to Bulger if I went that route.

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If the Moss owner would possibly do Moss for Palmer, I would do it.....Having Bulger/Moss improves your team drastically over Palmer/Smiths.


However I don't think anyone that has Moss would cough him up for Palmer. Perhaps Palmer and S. Smith or J. Smith.........Perhaps.

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I think you're going to have to give up more than just Palmer to get Moss, Gonzo, or Gates, like mean green said.


I think your WR Smiths should be adequate; what TEs are available on the waiver, as I have no faith in rook Smith?

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I don't think the Moss owner would do it one for one in less he is desperate for a QB, but if he does run with it. I would offer a two for two. Take a weak QB from him and take back a weak receiver or other postion player.

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