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Possibly the biggest point swing ever?

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The team below scored 120 the first week and 38 the second.


For the math impaired that is an 82 point swing. :D


I have never experienced THAT big of a swing with exactly the same team.


Anyone do better (worse) than that?



Performance scoring:










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Not quite, but close. I got only 66 in Week 1 and 144 in Week 2:




SJackson (W1)/WParker (W2)

Javon Walker (W1) /TJ Housh...(W2)

Roy Williams

Lee Evans




Trouble this week though, as RWilliams is on bye. Have to go with either TCalico or GLewis, and pray that Evans can get something out the horrible Losman rookie sitch. Oh, and Favre goes vs. the Bucs. I might be heading for another 66 point day...

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I had a similar swing with this lineup


qb- bulger

rb- jamal

rb- dillon

wr- s.smith

wr- r.moss

wr- tj housh

flex- leftwhich

flex- c.chambers

k- vandy

d- panthers


Week 1 I was a point or two shy of the week high around 120, week 2 with the same lineup I was in the 50's... that's how it goes sometimes...

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