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Need Advice on a Fill-in RB

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I need to pick up a Running Back to start this week opposite Julius Jones while Domanick Davis is on his bye.


6 pts/TD

1pt/10 yds rushing/receiving



In your opinion, who will benefit the most out of this group?


Derrick Blaylock

Mewelde Moore

Brandon Jacobs

Michael Bennett

Lee Suggs

Ron Dayne



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Wow, that's some really slim pickin's there!


I would think you have to rule out Jacobs since he won't help at all unless he scores a TD. But it might be too much to expect that 3 weeks in a row (or maybe not). Suggs probably won't play. It looks like C-Mart will play, so that cuts down on Blaylocks value. I would wait for any work later in the week that may clear up the Denver or Minny situation and go with one of them.


Sorry I can't give a more definitive answer.

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Blaylock if looks like CuMar will not play ... after that, I'd take a chance on Jacobs, if only to avoid adding a MIN RB headache to the mix.

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