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Trade: Holt for Palmer?

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I currently play in a 10 player performance league and have the following team:


QB: Bulger, Palmer

WR: Burleson, R. Williams, A.Johnson, TJ Housh, L.Fitzgerald, B.Edwards

RB: Alexander, J.Jones, C.Williams, JJ Arrington

TE: Crumpler, Putzier

K: Reed

DEF: Buffalo


I am pretty solid all around except at WR. My top two picks (Burleson and A.Johnson) have pretty much been busts, so I do not have a true #1 WR that would gives me any kind of consistency.


I have the opportunity to trade C.Palmer for T.Holt to help bolster my WR's. Would you make this trade?


I can probably also involve another one of my receivers to get one of his back-up QBs (Brees and Plummer) to help cover Bulger's bye week. Which one be a fair trade?




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The other owner countered and asked to trade Bulger (instead of Palmer) for Holt. Would you give up Bulger for Holt if you still had Palmer as your starting QB?



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