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Cut downs are fast approaching...

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In this league every team is rrequired to cut 2 players the Wednesday following week 3. This is a 12 team league and it is designed to strenthen the freeagent pool. Since we do not start a TE I was thinking Crumpler could go. That leaves me with one player to cut. I could go the easy route and cut the crappy St.Louis D and pick one up later for the Giants bye. So my question is 2 part:


a. Would you cut Crumpler....if not who? :D

b. Would you cut St. Louis D...if not who? :D


Thanks for the opinions! :D

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I take it that none of the trades panned out?







The Moss owner is still thinking.


The S.Smith deal is still open I am just trying to get him to sweeten the pot....asked for S.Smith and Benson or Bruce....have not heard anything....I still have my fingers crossed for Moss. If I land Moss should I trade him for TO? I would have the McNabb TO connection!

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