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I am in a 12 team league and started 0-2 after dominating the league for the past 10 years. I have Clinton Portis and don't know what to do with I have an offer of Rudi Johnson for Clinton Portis and Tom Brady. Here is my squad....any help would be appreciated!!!!! I am pulling my hair out and don't know what to do!!!

QB's: T. Brady - A. Brooks - J. Harrington

RB's: E. James - C. Portis - M. Moore - T. Bell - F. Gore

WR's: J. Horn - R. Williams - D. Branch - A. Bryant - K. Colbert

TE's: C. Cooley - A. Smith

K's: J. Wilkens - R. Lindell

DE's: TB - AZ

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I don't do the deal.


Portis is the only offense for Washington. Cincy is a pass first offense now. I would not like to have to start Brooks or Harrington the rest of the year either.

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Portis is the only offense for Washington.






Somebody please get theohiostate a video tape of the final four minutes of last Monday night's game.


And I wouldn't give Portis *and* Brady for Rudi. Counter with Portis for Rudi straight up. He'll reject. Compromise on Portis and Brooks for Rudi.


Then dump Harrington and pick up Dilfer, Bledsoe, Greise, or someone of that ilk.


And I just gotta believe there is someone better than Colbert on waivers. Dude has done nothin' so far this season. I realize you are not starting him, but there has to be more upside on waivers.

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