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Please Help with Trade Advice

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Start 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1K, 1 DEF


6pt all TD's, 1 pt per 10yrds rush/rec, 1 pt per 25yrds pass


My roster


QB - Vick, Dilfer, Brooks

RB - LT, McCallister, Davis, K. Jones, Parker

WR - Coles, Burleson

TE - Clark, Heiden

K - Wilkins

D - Panthers


His Roster


QB - Green, Carson

RB - Jordn, McGhae, Foster

WR - Bennett, Bryant, A. Johnson, Stallworth

TE - Gates,

K - Tynes

D- Cowboys, Ravens


I get: Carson, Jordan, McGhae, Gates


He gets: Brooks, McCallister, Parker, Clark


Do you do this deal?


I would like to keep McCallister but I need a QB upgrade.


I would have as my RB's LT, Jordan, McGahee, S. Davis and K. Jones


I can then drop Vick or Dilfter to pick up a WR off waivers?



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I'd do it as you get a serious upgrade at QB and TE...along with Jordan's potential...but he's worth more in leagues that reward for receptions...but Deuce doesn't get many yards either....Willie Parker is a young playmaker...but I'd rather have your lineup after the trade as you can then package 2 RB's for a stud and an average WR later....and drop Vick for a WR on the W/W if there is some quality available.....


who is available btw?

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I like it. You've got a stable of RB's you drafted for what purpose? To upgrade perhaps?


Great upgrade on QB and TE, and you've still got a mix of RB's for weekly match-ups. You obviously need WR help, so yes, look at the WW and act accordingly, or re-evealute your RB's - look at match-ups through the season - determine the ones you need to retain and try to deal for a WR upgrade with your "odd man out" RB's.

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Agreed I would do this trade to as I think Palmer is going to have a hell of a year. You lose McAll but get two starting Rb's that have upside. Parker will be in a vulture postion once the bus gets back and may lose a few more to Staley. Gates is hands down better than Clark

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