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T.Jones & Heap for Dunn & Witten?

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I am in a 12-team, performance scoring league. I am unfortunately 0-2 and looking for some help. I have been offered Warrick Dunn & Jason Witten for Thomas Jones & Todd Heap.


Now, Thomas Jones had a nice game, but will probably lose carries to Benson.

Todd Heap is recovering from injuries and may be a good TE in BAL, if he doesn't lose throws to Wilcox, the other TE.


As for what I would receive, Warrick Dunn is a decent RB and although he loses some goal line carries to Duckett, he does get good yardage now & then.

With Witten, I get a good TE - which I hope Dallas will use more in the future.


So, I would like your opinions on whether or not I do this trade.




BTW - my current roster is as follows:


QB - Delhomme, Dilfer

RB - J.Jones, T.Jones, K.Jones, and Chris Perry

WR - Horn, Wayne, T.Taylor and L.Evans

TE - Heap, A.Smith

K - Kasay, Edinger


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Short-term, Jones & Heap might be more productive & help you start to turn your record arond. Long-term (meaning in 3-4 weeks and beyond) chances are that Dunn & Witten will be the players you'd prefer to have, especially if you get PPR.


Frankly, I'm not sure that the players involved in this trade will have enough overall impact to push your team to the basement or to the playoffs, whether you make the deal or not.


Seems like a potential wash, but it's not a bad deal for you IMO.

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Tough one here you got a coin!


I think Heap has potential of being better than Witten after he has a few games under his belt. The RB's are a toss up as Dunn never gets close to the Line unless it is from 12 yards out or more

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I think Jones could possibly be an upgrade over Dunn who doesnt even get goaline carries. Witten hasnt much to date and either has Heap so I would almost call that a wash at this point with a slight edge to Witten due to his QB. Agree....flip a coin. If you are higher on T. Jones than you are on it. The TE's are almost a wash.

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