Time to trade for D Davis

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Is it time to trade in the caddilac for Dominick Davis. I am always a fan of trade when there hot and sit on them when there not and I am not sure Cadillac will stay on his tear - D Davis has had it tough and now has a buy - I think he comes off the bye and runs wild. Should I offer Cadillac for D Davis?

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I have a guy in one of my leagues offering me DD for Caddy. My response was a resounding, "Not just no but hell no!" I'm in Tampa and watch all their games beginning to end and I am here to tell you that this guy is the real deal. He's got great vision, he's explosive and quite simply, he's just got that little something special that you see in the great ones. My only concern might be durability but it's a very small concern and when comparing him to DD it's a wash at worst.

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