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Flex Lineup help needed

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I need to start 2 of these players in a Flex lineup. Thanks.


Jamal Lewis vs. NY Jets

Tony Gonzalez vs. Eagles

Houshmandzadeh vs. Texans

Boldin vs. 49ers

McCardell vs. Patriots

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What kind of scoring do you have?


If it's basic scoring (no point/reception) I'd say to go with Lewis and TJ. The only problem with Cincy is whether they get a big enough lead early that they stop throwing the ball.


Boldin probably won't have a bad week either. McCown looked decent at the end of last season and that game could be a shootout between equally bad teams so Boldin and Fitzgerald could both have nice numbers.


I'm not sold on McCardell. He has the skills, but I don't know if SD will throw enough to keep LT2, Gates, and Keenan fat with numbers.


And until I see a good game out of Green I wouldn't start Gonzalez against WR's and RB's. If you have to start a TE, then yes. But not here.

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