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:D Ok, I have Leftwich and Bulger starting at qb. At wr, i have Fitzgerald, Horn, Chris Henry, and Glenn starting. At rb, I have R. Johnson and DD starting. I am contemplating starting Fred Taylor over Johnson and even putting clayton in for Glenn. Or, Clayton in for Henry. Should I leave it the way it is, or make changes. I have Dilfer on my bench as well (team listed below). I need to win this week and need your help. Listed below are the players opponents:






Horn-Green Bay








(waiver wire possibilities- Moulds, McCareins, Randle El all on free agents)

PLEASE HELP! I will answer your questions as well

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I would stick with Rudi. If Housh is out, they may try to run it agains Jac, which has worked for other teams, and that means good things for RUDi.


as for WRs, make sure Horn is starting before you go with him. I don't know about Chris henry, but he could be worth a shot if Housh is out. I'm just not sure I'd start him before Clayton. If Galloway starts drawing the Ds, things could roll back Clayton's way.


Moulds is a good risk/reward pickup depending on who you drop for him, if Holcomb plays well at QB, he should be good again. But I don't know that it's worth the risk starting him this week.


I would put Clayton in for Horn if he doesn't start and in for Henry if Horn goes.

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I like everything except Henry..........Jax Passing DE is incredible and if TJ doesn't start? I like to gamble every once in a while and that would be Moulds.....Atleast this week over Henry.........

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