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Trade for Rick Williams

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Would you accept Mike Anderson/Witherspoon for Ricky Williams?


I think he might bite since he is a Bell owner. I assume more of the risk since Ricky has not hit the field yet since his suspension.


My roster

Anderson, Mike DEN RB 90.00

McAllister, Deuce NOS RB 116.90

Portis, Clinton WAS RB 91.70

Westbrook, Brian PHI RB 152.10


Dansby, Karlos ARI LB 82.10

Davis, Andra CLE LB 77.50

Pierce, Antonio NYG LB 74.90

Vilma, Jonathan NYJ LB 112.00

Witherspoon, Will CAR LB 56.00


His Roster

Barlow, Kevan SFO RB 86.50

Bell, Tatum DEN RB (P) 86.50

Davis, Stephen CAR RB (P) 109.10

McGahee, Willis BUF RB 121.40

Williams, Ricky MIA RB


Bell, Kendrell KCC LB 18.00

Gold, Ian DEN LB 53.40

June, Cato IND LB 100.90

Urlacher, Brian CHI LB 75.20

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That would leave you with Portis and Westbook


We do not know if Williams will take back the job. Brown is the future, therefore the Dolphins will play him, it could be a RBBC.


Maybe Ricky does good, then you'll want him,


but if he doesn't you'll be sweating every week hoping you dont take an injury to Portis or Westbrook.


I would hold Anderson.


I would ONLY do that trade for McGahee or S. Davis. You need insurance.

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I am with Tahoe on this one. Williams has done nothing and is not respected by the rest of his teammates. Brown has really stepped it up the past few weeks (other than the fumble) and will continue to get a majority of the carries. I would stay with Anderson.

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I wouldnt do it either....who knows what Ricky will do....he still needs to get into football will his heart even be into it ????

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