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Which QB should I pick up to cover Bulger's loss

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Hey everyone.


Scraping the barrel here. I guess my trade of my backup Hasselbeck for Ahman Green is biting me in the rear right now. :doah:


Who would you want for a couple of weeks til Bulger gets back.


Dilfer (currently my backup)









I am going to try to get Martin I think, but due to my 5-1 record, my guess is that he won't fall to me. So I need a backup plan. :D


The other option would be to trade with these players


A Green

D Stallworth

K Curtis

A Bryant


for somone's backup... I think that may not be the best way to go. Now with Randy out as well I might need this depth.


Will repsond, post a link.

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McCown is still on waivers?  Pick that mother f*cker up!


If you miss him, I like Holcomb.




Are we 100% sure McCown will start with Warner being back?? I am not sure....

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Honestly I would wait and see with the Arizona situation....Denny really doesnt play favorites and usually puts the best guy on the field which would be McNown... if Warner is declared the starter then go with Holcombe...but you really have to look at matchups !!!!

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Personally I like Plummer. They play a weak Giants secondary this week and maybe after that once you have a better idea of the QB situation in Arizona you could make a more education decision on whether it's going to be McNown or Warner on the field.

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