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How much of your draft class survived 6 weeks?

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I was looking at one of my teams, and draft picks 10-16 are already all in the dumpster. :D Luckily, the top of my draft has been decent, but no late-round bloomers for me at all.


I haven't traded a whole lot, so I still have 50% of my original draft on my roster.


Wondering how that compares with the rest of the public, at this stage of the season.

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Actually so far, Ive avoided any injuries. Amazing huh? I still have the majority of my roster in 2 leagues, and in the other I have probably 60%.


With all the injuries so far, I consider myself lucky to not have any. I did lose McAllister, but he wasnt really doing much anyway. I have W Parker too, but he seems to be fading away.

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In the league where I'm 6-0, the only injuries to draft picks I've had to deal with so far were:


Chad Pennington -backup QB anyhow

Isaac Bruce

Bobby Engram - both rotated in as my #3 WR

Corey Dillon - but I have Ronnie Brown and Ricky on the bench.


So all in all, I haven't been hit too badly, and all the guys I would have normally started will all be coming back soon anyways.


As for late round picks that didn't pan out, all I really tossed away so far have been Charles Rogers, Jason Hanson, and the NY Jets defense. I would have to say this team has been one of my better drafts in quite a while (16 round draft).

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Keeping with tradition, I'll be taking a lot of my own free agent advice this year.

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For my team below, Jones was put on the bench last week, and Bulger will be on the bench this week. I'm hoping Portis can hold up with the calf though.

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My list below is my local money league. Galloway has been on the bench for the better part of his GOOD scoring games but I am still 5-1, kinda lucky because I have consistant scoring just enuff to beat the other guy.. Cadillac carried me the first 3 weeks then LT2 took over but yea, the injuries and bye weeks are coming on hard now.. gotta drop Griese for either Simms or or or drumroll---Jeff Garcia.. I watch Simms in college and he just didnt impress me much against stiff competition.. gonna pickup LT's back in SD and I am seriously thinking of dropping Clayton..

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LOCAL 12 team league, drafted 8th, roster size = 17

3.09 - Javon Walker, hurt week 1

5.09 - Marc Bulger, hurt last week cost me my game

6.04 - J.J.Arrington, cut his sorry ass

10.04 - NE defense, replaced with CIN

11.09 - William Green, cut his sorry ass

13.09 - Tyrone Calico, cut his sorry ass

14.04 - Joey Harrington, replaced with Mark Brunell

16.04 - Jeff Reed, replaced with Neil Rackers


Sitting at 4-2

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12 team local, drafted 8th.


1.08 McAllister-Injury (Out for season)

2.03 Julius Jones -Injury

3.08 Chad Johnson-Excellent so far

4.03 Cadillac Williams-Injury

5.08 JJ Arrington-Bust so far. Dropped.

6.03 Vick-OK in our scoring (#9), despite injury.

7.08 Lelie-Bust. Dropped.

8.03 Shockey-Excellent so far.

9.08 Brooks-He's Brooks. Will throw more the rest of the way.

10.03 Houshmandzadeh-Injury

11.08 Parker-Met expectations as a flyer so far.

12.03 Dallas Cowboys-OK

13.08 Williamson-Dropped

14.03 Lindell-OK

15.08 Cooley-OK. Great Shockey insurance.

16.03 Volek-Dropped.

17.08 Nugent-Below expectations.

18.03 KC Chiefs-OK


Injuries have wreaked havoc with my RB's and I've been churning the free agent pool.

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Most of my team remains who I drafted. Mid-rounders hurt me a bit. I dropped both Michael Clayton and Aaron Brooks (for Jurevicius and Brunell). Once the Ravens' bye was up, I got rid of Atl D and got Bell a few weeks back. Also kicked Vandy to the curb for Kaeding. Lastly dropped B Edwards early for K Curtis.


5 outta the original 17 changed thru waivers. No trades yet.

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RB T. Jones  PK J. Brown  TE C. Cooley now WittenDef Redskins  RB C. Benson  now Mewelde MoorePK M. Stover now RackersQB D. Carr  now BrunellDef Panthers RB M. Anderson  WR L. Fitzgerald  WR A. Lelie now Andre JohnsonQB T. Brady  TE T. Gonzalez  WR S. Smith WR T. Holt RB K. Jones RB S. Alexander 



I dropped Lelie and picked up Andre Johnson who was dropped by another Owner. I then IR'd Johnson and picked up Gabriel. I'm playing the Moss owner this week. :D

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This is in my main money league I am is a local that I have ran now for 9 years.


1.10 T.Owens = gone in trade to get Priest Holmes

2.3 M.Harrison

3.10 A.Gates

4.3 JJ Arrington = cut

5.10 Mike Anderson = gone in trade to get priest Holmes

6.3 L.Johnson

7.10 M.Bennett = cut

8.3 T.B. DEF = gone in trade to get Kerry Collins

9.10 M.Hasslebeck

10.3 C.Rogers = cut

11.10 Jake Delhomme = gone in trade to get Kerry Collins

12.3 David Akers = cut

13.10 K.Colbert = cut

14.3 D.Jolley = cut

15.10 JVille DEF

16.3 J.Carney= cut


Team now


QB Hasslebeck



WR Harrison



B. Jones


TE Gates



RB Holmes





K Bironas



DF Jville



I went WR WR instead of going RB because I did not trust any of the backs that were out there as late as I picked. my plan was to trade my WR's once the seson got going on and I could judge the backs a little better.

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Most of my original draft picks are still starting for me:


QB: M. Hasselbeck (5.2)

RB: L. Tomlinson (1.2), S. Jackson (2.11)

WR: T. Owens (3.2), S. Smith (4.11)

TE: R. McMichael (8.11)

K: J. Reed (14.11)


F. Taylor (6.11) is still on my bench

A. Lelie (7.2) and W. Parker (12.11) were traded for H. Ward in WK 4

Patriots (9.2) were dropped for Bengals in WK 3

A. Brooks (10.11) was dropped for M. Brunell in WK 5

J. Bettis (11.2) was traded for M. Pollard in WK 3

T. Taylor (13.2) was dropped for K. Curtis in WK 2

M. Turner (15.2) was dropped in WK 4


T. Bell was picked up in WK 4 to replace Parker and after a series of moves, L. Evans is currently holding the roster spot vacated by Turner.


So all of the players I drafted in Rounds 9 through 15 (with the exception of Reed) are now gone, but I feel good about the moves I've made. Most of the guys on my bench would be regular starters on other teams in my league.

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My team has gone from first to next to last due to injuries and incompetence.....



Kevin Jones..out

Lee Suggs...out

Roy Williams...out

T. J. Housh...out

David Akers ...out


Rudi...very slowly being replaced

Mewelde ... can't find the end zone

Derrick Mason ...can't find his qb


I'm riding LT and palmer into the sunset...


good grief... :D

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Manning (bust due to pick in 1st rd)

Lewis (bust)

K Jones (bust)

Walker (out)

Burleson (hurt and CPep suck this year)

S Jax

Bruce (out)

Bills (suck)


LJ Smith

Warner (out)

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