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Question about scoring


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It hit me that I've played Fantasy football for many many moons. Been in TD only leagues, Performance, auction drafts, snake draft, but I've never been in a league with bonuses for receptions.


Let me ask all of you who playing in those league, does it make a big difference and do you perfer it?


I know this isn't a fantasy football player question but i've brought it up to the members of the league for a rule change next year to add it. And they seem to be down with it.

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I think it does make a big difference and YES, I love it. I'm in 2 leagues that give

1 point per reception. It makes things interesting. Pass catching backs are a premium. It also opens the door for those 3rd down RBs that catch passes in case

you need a bye week filler. Alot of people will be playing Chris Perry(Cincy) for

that reason this week. Also, if your RB is getting stuffed on the ground, he still

has a chance to catch a few passes and put up some points that way. Look at

Dominic Davis. Houston sucks and he's not gettin very much on the ground but

he still doesn't do too bad in the final stats.

So keep twisting your leaguemates' arms. Maybe they'll eventually cave in.

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I play in a league that gives 2 pts per reception. It seems the overall reason for doing this format is to close the gap between RB's and WR's. But RB's are still as valuable as in any format, and it also brings into the mix RB's who would be otherwise worthless in other scoring formats thus making the RB pool deeper. The best thing I like about it is your player gets rewarded for a good game, say your WR gets 10 catches for 80 yds but does not score you still get good point production.

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We have played in leagues like this for 6years. Make a huge difference. Such a difference that the past 2 years, we had to limit the RB catches to 0.5pts and WR/TE get 1pt per reception. LT, Dom Davis, Pittman, and Brian Westbrook killed us.


TE like Gonzo that get 8 catches for 53 yards, was big play money in a pinch. It also give differences for those players whom get that 1 catch for 2yds and the TD, versus someone who got 7 catches for 50yds - more points for more playing time.


If you have this kind of scoring system, it gets the points up there - just keep in mind that you may want to limit the RB receptions like we did.

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So if I had a WR who gets 1 pt per reception and 1 pt per 10 yards receiving and he gets 9 catches for 95 yards it would be 18 points. He worked hard on the day but never made it into the endzone, but he does have a good fantasy day because of the # of receptions.


And a WR who gets 1 reception for 20 yards and a TD would end up with 9 points. He had a weak outing but scored the TD. Because of the weak outing on receptions and yardage the TD doesn't help him that much making the "posession" receiver more valuable on the day.


Man I can see how running backs who catch a lot make a killing. darn all of your LT owner out there love life if you are doing pts per reception.

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