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Weekly Blitz

Grits and Shins

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  • . Pick any 5 games against the spread as listed in this post.
    . The spreads listed in this post are pulled from
USA Today.
. The spreads posted here will be used even if they differ from USA Today.
. The spreads posted by a Huddler will NOT override the spreads above.
. The spread is the line for the HOME team.
. Pushes count as losses.
. If you pick a team that is OFF the board it will count as a loss.
. There are no prizes, just bragging rights.
. I will tally the points each week and track YTD results.
. I will post weekly results and YTD standings on the main forum each week.


Simply list the 5 teams you pick, listing the spread is unnecessary. :DIt is helpful to me if you list them alphabetically, but not a requirement. So your entry would look something like:








:DPlease don't edit your entries ... if you want to change your picks quote your original and show your new picks :D




MIN	@	CAR	-7.5OAK	@	TEN	3.5WAS	@	NYG	-3ARI	@	DAL	-7.5CHI	@	DET	-3CLE	@	HOU	-2GBP	@	CIN	-8JAC	@	STL	4.5MIA	@	NOS	-2KCC	@	SDC	-4.5PHI	@	DEN	-3TBB	@	SFO	10.5BUF	@	NEP	-8BAL	@	PIT	-8



Congratulations to the 2004 co-winners Timmypg and General Itals



Week 1 entries

Week 2 entries

Week 3 entries

Week 4 entries

Week 5 entries

Week 6 entries

Week 7 entries



Week 1 totals; 138 entries, 267 out of 690 for 28.70%.

Week 2 totals; 120 entries, 305 out of 600 for 50.83%

Week 3 totals; 115 entries, 273 out of 575 for 47.48 %

Week 4 totals; 105 entries, 203 out of 525 for 38.67%

Week 5 totals; 101 entries, 223 out of 504 for 44.25%

Week 6 totals; 102 entries, 240 out of 510 for 47.06%

Week 7 totals; 97 entries, 278 out of 485 for 57.32%


Huddler over all total --> 1789 out of 3889 for 46.00%

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