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Dr. Rock - NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 8?


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Dr Rock...are you able to keep this going or should one of us give you a hand? I think we are all enjoying this and would like to play it out.


The last official update was after week 5 where we had 32 contestants left. By my calculations in week 6 everyone was correct, but Ursa Majoris didn't make a pick bringing us down to 31. In week 7, everyone managed to find the week 6 thread to make their pick except for Cx3. There were also three wrong in week seven - BiggieFries, Mick & Mark5. That brings us down to 28 contestants. Lastly, TimC and Darcy both made picks late by the rules, but I'm wondering if we should allow them to continue since there was no official week 7 thread.


I would be happy to help out and could track everthing on just the message board since the numbers are much smaller now. Let me know if you want me to pitch in or if someone else wants to continue. If I don't hear anything from Dr. Rock, I will set up a thread for the picks by Wed afternoon.


Let's hear from everyone if we want this to go on!!!


DO NOT POST WEEK 8 PICKS HERE!!! This is not an official Huddle Survivor pick thread.


Thanks Rock & everyone!

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I would like to keep it going as well since I've always knocked myself out very early every year. Of course, now that I say that I will probably be out this weekend! :D


And...nopackerfan...make sure you post your pick in the official thread once it starts up. I'm guessing (and hoping) that the Doc will set one up soon.

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I predict those of us that are still in it will vote to keep it going, while those who are not will hace no opinion.







Did you think of this on your own, or steal it from a thread on a different website? :D

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