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Trade was Vetoed - need advice


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I haven't called you a single name.



I wasn't referring to you....was referring to Zooty, calling me "cocklicky".


Just to clarify... I didn't force a vote, I didn't twist anyone's arm to veto, and I didn't use any commish powers to squash the deal. Yahoo automatically sends the trades for voting. It's up to everyone else to vote their own mind.


I love debating fantasy football, but the various name-calling is not called for...esp when I'm new here. I'll take that as my cue to leave this forum. I appreciate the way people here welcome newcomers to the forum with whom you disagree with.


Good luck in your respective leagues.


Peace out...






LOL. This guys been a member since when? Oh yeah today. What a toolbag. He just doesn't understand. This team is getting too good? Come on. Probably some 15 year old kid.

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Looks like colickyboy is lurking and reading even though he said he was leaving.






He's reading about what a donkey he is. Oops, I don't want to upset him, he's pretty sensitive.

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He's reading about what a donkey he is. Oops, I don't want to upset him, he's pretty sensitive.






That's funny, i wrote j a c ka ss, not donkey, but I like donkey better.

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yep, that'd be me. for the record, if i really had sour grapes, i'd use my commish powers to unilaterally squelch this deal, which i didn't.


i don't think it's fair for someone to keep the core of his stacked team while adding the best fantasy TE.







Ok, there's your problem right there. I've seen other commishes take this stance and they are always wrong. It is not up to you to decide what is fair or not fair. Unfair trades happen all the time. Your job as commish is to protect the integrity fo the league. As such, you really should only veto a trade when collusion is involved. Otherwise, you are essentially a manager of all 12 teams in the league that also happen to have a puppet manager.


What you are doing here is penalizing Dazzle for making an astute trade. That is wrong, wrong, wrong.


Also, no commish should have unitaleral powers to quash anything. It sounds like your more about being a petty dictator than a fantasy commish.

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Nevermind just dazzle here, what about the poor guy with the crappy record?  He wants a RB upgrade to maybe make a late charge and he's not allowed to help his team get better either?






It's an atrocity. The Commish should be ousted right now.

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I have to thank everyone on this thread for one of the more entertaining exchanges I've seen in some time. Those poor bastages wandered in here, and Colickyboy (man, talk about a stationary target of a user id) wasn't quite ready for this buzzsaw.


Pure humor! :D

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I've been commish of one league for 10+ years, and another for 6, I played division II football, I think Big Ben is the best QB in the history of the NFL, I love the Steelers and write poems when they win, and this is the most ridiculous attempt by a commish to control a league that I have EVER seen.





Sorry. couldn't resist.

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Sorry.  couldn't resist.







- Division III Football


- Don't think Ben is anywhere near the best QB to ever play, not even nearly the

best playing now.


- The rest is true.


What is your issue ? We are supposed to be on the same side ?

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The reason you are facing some anger, and what you don't seem to realize, is that this trade is so fair, that by not allowing it, you are simply ruining the whole integrity of your league.


No matter what the rest of the league voted, you as Commish should be stepping in and making sure that this trade stands, rather than doing the opposite.


P.S.  Don't you put any stock into the fact that EVERYONE agrees that this is

        a fair trade and should be allowed.  We don't know either of you, and

        Dazzle didn't even tell us which was his team.






I agree with this, well said.

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You know, the funny thing is, this trade is SO fair that even if the two teams were indeed trying to cheat, I don't think you could show how the affect of this trade really makes enough of a difference to matter.


I sincerely hope that this league will learn a lesson from all of this.

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For what it's worth, here's one trade that was rightly vetoed by a commish. The one involving Dazzlemaster, though, definitely should have been allowed.


If "perceived value" is to be taken into account, then convert the league to a salary cap league. That way, when trades occur, the dollar amounts of the players involved fit under the respective teams' cap allotment.

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(Although I do want to know - how do you possibly get Owens, Moss, JJ, and Steven Jackson on the same squad? Not much of a competitive league...)








I was the 8th pick on a 10 team draft. I picked Moss #8 then TO #13. JJ made it back around to me on my 3rd pick, I was amazed. Since I picked the best WR's there was a run on the WR's which allowed me to pick Jackson with my 4th pick.

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