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My Son Needs BIG TIME QB Help This Week


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He picked Vick & Hasselbeck as his QB's. Both are off this week. The league does scoring and yards, with bonus for yds over 300 & 400.


He does not have many choices this week. Please don't laugh at the choice. He has to pick one of the lackluster bunch this week.


He is in 1st place and this is a bumper week (1st vs 2nd, 3rd vs 4th, etc). So he needs the best option to help him out. 2nd place has Brunell, McGahee & Chad Johnson. He has Dillion, S. Jackson, Moss, Burelson, Byrant.



Dilfer vs Hou

Simms vs 49ner

Garcia vs Bear

Martin vs Jags

Ferrotte vs Saint


Garcia & Martin face defenses that could rule them out.


Ferrotte has been struggling and could do 10 yds or 300 yds.


Dilfer could revert back to his week 1/2 numbers this week.


Simms seems like the best option but they may just run the ball all day with Williams in 1st half and Pittman in the 2nd half. So Simms may not need to throw at all.


I think Simms or Dilfer is the call but I don't have the guts to make the call for him and pick the wrong one. Don't want it being my call that kills his 1st place hold, probably happen anyway, just don't make it my call.


Any help! Any incite! will be greatly appreciated.



It's better to be Hated for who you are then be Loved for who you're not

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I would avoid Dilfer because he already is starting Bryant: that is a basket you don't want more than one egg in.


Like you, I also worry that the Bucs will run all day, and who really knows what Simms will do? But then again, the Niners seem to allow ample room for good games both running and passing. However, they are playing (somewhat) better at home.


Garcia is a veteran and is resourceful, but the matchup is really bad, so I don't like him either.


As for Frerotte, you are right, he is hard to get a handle on for this game. I have very little confidence in him now.


Since your son has Jackson (i.e. the Rams' running game) playing Martin is a hedge on your bets. It is unlikely that both aspects of the Rams' offense will either go off or be completely shut down.


To me it comes down to Martin or Simms. I feel that Martin is the safer bet.

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