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Lloyd Dobler

T. Bell for A. Johnson: Opinions on this trade

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Please give your opinion on this trade that has just happened in a league I am in: The Commissioner of the league trades A. Johnson for T. Bell straight-up. Both teams are in the same division. Auction keeper league, $100 cap ($110 allowable due to trades), 3 divisions, 18 - 20 player roster max., Johnson =$3, Bell =$1.50. Each week run: QB, 2 Rb's, TE, 2 WR's, K & D. Rushing / Receiving = 1 pt. / 10 yards, 6 pts. / td.

Comish's. team:

Delhomme, Collins, Holcombe, J. Jones, D. Davis, Parker, Staley, Suggs, Bell, Gates, Heiden, Driver, Williams, Housh, Kennison, Stalworth, Curtis, Tynes, Brown, Cleveland. Roster salary total- $105

Other team:

McNair, Volek, Brunell, Ramsey, Alexander, C. Brown, Morris, Taylor, Graham, Kinney, A. Johnson, Wayne, Harrison, R. Williams, E. Parker, Elam, Bryant, Arizona, Indy. Roster salary total - $99


Thank you for your response.

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seems a bit unfair, but not voidable...a trade should only be void if it reeks of collusion, and you dont have it here...


Your commish is very weak at reciever, but has depth at the RB position, so he could be taking a chance that Andre Johnson will have a big second half...and Bell splits carries with Anderson...


That said, if I were the commish, I would seek something more than Andre Johnson for Tatum Bell, as i think he coudl get more...

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