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Lineup Help....please!

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In my league, there are 6 teams that will compete for the last 2 playoff spots and I'm one of them. We are all only one game or two out (I'm only one) and we all start playing one another so each win is essential. In light of all the things going on in the league, this is who I was planning on starting and I'll show you who I have in reserve. Your thoughts are greatly appreciate since you guys know more than I do. Some people on the bench are obvious (i.e McNabb).


Planned Starters:





Matt Jones (Jax, supposed to be a good sleeper)


Josh Brown

Panther Defense


On Bench for now:


Kevin Jones

Caddy (doens't look since the injury)

Kevin Curtis

Givens (N.E.)


Cinci Defense


Like I said, any assistance you can provide would greatly be appreciated.



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I like your current lineup but I would watch the situation in St. Louis...if I Bruce is not going to play, I'd start Curtis over Jones. Good luck


Please see my post

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