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Losing T.O and McNabb has killed me. This is a must win week for me. I need all the help I can get. Here's my lineup. Make any changes you see fit.



B. Leftwich (Starter)


RB (Pick 2)


L. Jordan at Skins (Starter)

S. Gado vs Vikes (Starter)

M. Moore at Packers


WR (Pick 3)


K. Johnson vs. Detroit (Starter)

J. Smith at Titans (Starter)

K. McCardell vs. Bills

E. Moulds at Chargers (Starter)


TE (Pick 1)


Crumpler vs. Bucs (Starter)

J. Stevens vs. 49'rs


Def/ST (Pick 1)


Atlanta vs Bucs (Starter)

Jags at Titans

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Stevens vs the 49ers. Good matchup.







-This guy thinks hes smart..good matchup? Maybe so..


Alexander will run enough on them they won't need to pass..

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