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QB's For The Playoffs

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Delhomme has been my primary QB of late, but given some of the matchups, especially during weeks 15 & 16 at home I like the potential of Jamie Martin over Roethlisberger in my backup position, perhaps to exploit matchups when Delhomme faces the likes of Tampa Bay & Dallas. Would I be crazy to waive Big Ben for Jamie Martin?


Big Ben Plays -


Week 12 @IND

Week 13 CIN

Playoff Week 1 CHI

Playoff Week 2 @MIN

Playoff Week 3 @CLE


Jamie Martin Plays -


Week 12 @HOU

Week 13 WAS

Playoff Week 1 @MIN

Playoff Week 2 PHI

Playoff Week 3 SFO




What do you think?

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Matchups point to Jamie - but you don't know what your going to get with him. Possilbe upside b/c all STl recievers are healthy. When he was playing before Holt and Bruce were out. Could shade his #'s a little.


Rothlisburger = a pretty consistent 20+ game. He is on my WW and I am considering getting him, but I have the same matchup worries you do.

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Tough call. Big Ben is clearly the better QB,, but Martin has so many weapons and a nice slate of matchups.


I think I'd take a chance on Martin, especially if your position player matchups look tough in Week 14. Martin could give you a boost; Big Ben will have a tough go against Chicago that week.

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