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A Question for DMD?


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How far will Gonzo fall in the TE elite? Gates is clearly the "man" at TE now, and Cooley and Whitten, also Crumpler for that matter have emerged as well. I personally have Tony G slipping to #4 or #5, or do you think Herm will re-establish him, with LJ in the backfeild I just don't see it. Thanks PD.

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Shockey moves up to #2 next year.  I'd say:













I've got Cooley in front of Gonzo right now, and Whitten outplayed Gonzo in the second half of the season(so it seems, as I have not stat-ed those two).

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The important thing is to make sure you get Gates. Because the gap between him and everybody else is big, and having him in a TE league is at this point one of the biggest advantages you can have on your roster.


Gonzo should be picked after the top 5, but trying to figure out which will be the top 5 from year to year is getting more difficult. We don't even know exactly what the Chiefs plans are offensively yet, far too many questions to stake Gonzo at this point. But he certainly appears on the decline as a pass catching force.

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There cannot be any question that Gates is the clear #1 TE next year, but Gonzo definitely remains top 5 and could be back as high as 2 or 3. He still will have all the same offensive players around him and it remains to be seen what changes that Edwards will make but Gonzo is as talented as about any of them if not more. Not to mention he is about as safe as any other TE as well.


He turns 30 this year but that is not too old for a TE like him. His season was actually pretty similiar to most, he just had only two scores instead of the 6 or 7 he usually does. Other than his 102 catches last year, his 78 catches in 2005 were the highest in the past five years.


Granted - he probably is not going to be drafted in the 3rd round anymore but he still should go around the same place as Shockey does if not before.

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1. Gates

2. Heap

3. Miller

4. Gonzo

5. Witten

6. Cooley

7. Shockey

8. Crumpler

9. Watson


The TE position has been recognized by Pitt and Miller has proven to be a viable product of that recognition. I think it will be even more so with the Bus leaving.


As much as I am a Cooley fan.... he needs more yardage per game to go up in the rankings.


Shockey seems to fragile to me. Seems like he always has some little ding that slows him up.

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Has Heap shed the injury bug? I do not dismiss him by no chance of the imagination, but feel good about the "7" spot, and maybe dropping down to "6"(or up :doah: ), however, with Boller(who did improve) still at the helm, it holds him back some for me. Now, in saying this, he will most likely burn me at some point next year if he's not on my team.

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There's no way to know for sure how valuable Gonzo will be next year until we see how Herm Edwards plans to use him in the offense. In my book he's as likely to reemerge as the #1 guy (or at least #1A behind Gates) as he is to fall to #5 or lower.

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