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keeper trade advice


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my team:


t green, m vick

alexander, LJ, deshaun foster

chad johnson, boldin, rod smith

cooley, lj smith


denver, atlanta


in my keeper league we can keep up too 3 players, but you lose the draft round where you took that player. our scoring is all TD's 6 pts 1 pt 10 rush/ rec, 1 pt 20 passing. heres my question. if i stay put i will likely keep alexander (1 rnd) , LJ (4 rnd) and CJ (3 rnd). someone has made me a trade offer. he offered me his 1st rnd , 3 rnd and steven jackson for LJ. i am considering this trade for this reason. i will then keep alexander, chad johnson, and anquan boldin (8th rnd). i will have the 2nd overall pick, a 2.5 round pick and a 3.2 round pick. i dont know who will be available but i think i can make my team stronger overall. what does everyone think, make the trade or hold on to LJ. and for the record i lost in the first round of the playoffs with that team. :D thanks.

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I agree.





You get 1st round value for Alexander

You get 1st round value for LJ

You get 2nd round value for CJ


Draft starts in Round 4....your draft going into draft day looks solid.


Try and get back a pick in the first or secound round, and get the best player available.


I would not give up Boldin, S-Jax for nothing less than a 2nd rounder.


Everyone else nothing less than a 3rd rounder.


Take whatever you can get for your TE, K, Def.


Make teams use a 1st ,2nd , or 3rd rounder on your players either before the draft or during the draft.

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Great advice so far.LJ is going to be a complete freak next year,by far the top pick.With Alexander you will have the best starting running backs in your league.You can then direct your efforts towards building a solid team around those bookends.Boldin is also gold,your going to have a good time next year.

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thanks everyone. i geuss the reason that it made it intriging to me is that the owner who has manning has said he will not be keeping him. thats why i was thinking to grab the #1 pick and take him, then a servicable #2 rb and keep chad and boldin. but the thought of a potential 45-50 TD's from my rb's is a nice thought as well.

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