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Hi. I'm Darin... in case you couldn't figure that out from my username. I've been planning this post for quite awhile. Yes, I have no life. But ever since the whomp-ster came out with his "Meet the Whompers" milestone post (one in which I am sure a good number of us said "wow, what an outstanding family that guy has!"), I have been looking forward to 12k. Why 12k, you ask? Well, growing up, for some reason my favorite number was 12. I always wore the number 12 in soccer. Unfortunately, when it came time to pick a basketball uniform, the "12" was like an extra-extra small, so with my wide shoulders (no fat jokes, I was 180 lbs. in HS, bassturds), I had to settle for #42. But that's besides the point. So, without further ado, here are some random facts about yours truly.


1. Hi, I'm Darin. I'm 32, gonna be 33 in July. I'm a Cancer/Leo cusp, but my traits are far more Cancer than Leo (read: I'm not a pr!ck :D). I enjoy long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, naps and I call my Mom regularly. Speaking of my Mom, here's a photo of me, my Mom, my sister and my Dad. My Dad is retired after working in graphic design for a series of magazines (Truckin', Street Chopper, etc.). He now surfs eBay non-stop. :D My sister lives in Hollywood, and is "the hairstylist for the stars". She has some high-profile clients, and I'm super proud of her. My Mom is a pretty successful realtor. She's involved in the Women's Council of Realtors, and later this month, will be installed as their President. I'm a total Mamma's boy. I admit it. My Mom was born and raised in South Carolina, and moved to Chicago, where she met my Dad, who was born/raised there. I still have a ton of family in South Carolina and in the Chicagoland area.


2. I am currently "with" a wonderful girl named Yolanda. No, she's not Mexican or African-American. :D Long story, but anyways... as some of you may know, she's Cajun, and we met via complete happenstance. I am a lucky fellow to be with her, that's for sure. I think Balla is the only Huddler to have met her, and I think I got his approval. :D ... Here's a pic of us at a friend of mine's wedding. She works for an Animal Hospital in Laguna Beach. She's a wonderful girl with a heart and soul of gold and I love her to death. The ring thingy will be purchased and placed on her left ring finger in a matter of months. Perhaps at Valentine's... :D


3. I have a cat. I know some of you hate cats. You know who you are. And you can lick my sack. Here's a picture of Blackjack, getting ready for his nightly routine of drinking water from the sink. Without fail, as soon as I return from work, he's meowing at me asking me to turn the water on for him. Blackjack and I have been through a lot. When I was out of work, he was there. When I was home after being in a hugh car wreck (more later), he was there. As a result, I think we both have a little separation anxiety. He's awesome; very UN-cat-like. He comes to me when I call him, which is cool.


4. As some of you may know, I was in a hairy car accident on Super Bowl Sunday of 2004. If you want to read the details, feel free. But more importantly, here's a photo of my buddy who lost his life in the wreck (guy on the right). Guy in the middle is my best friend, guy on the left (who will be a Huddler before too long) is the best friend of the guy who lost his life, and now a very good friend of mine. My life will never be the same after that day. I cherish each and every day of my life.


5. I love pizza, ice cream, sandwiches, french fries, broccoli, asparagus, carrots, apples, munster cheese, potato chips, Mountain Dew, Cherry Coke, a good steak, and a host of other foods. One gem I will pass along is this pizza made by Freschetta. It is OUTSTANDING. Really, try it.


6. I enjoy mountain biking (Here's my ride), basketball (I was a pretty good high school player - set a few records in three-point shooting), soccer (played every year up until HS), and working out and/or going on jogs.


7. I attended and graduated from UC Santa Barbara, which may be the most beautiful campus in the country. Not much in the way of tradition and/or historical value, but you can't beat the setting. I miss college life in the worst way. I was in a fraternity (Phi Kappa Psi), and try to stay active with the national chapter to this day. I have so many friends from UCSB and Phi Psi that I still see or talk to regularly. In fact, I reconnected with a buddy (fraternity pledge brother) on New Years' Eve. Turns out he lives in my old apartment complex, and we've already been out for beers twice in 2006.


8. I may have mentioned this coincidence, but not only do I spend a ton of time on the web version of The Huddle, but I do alot of "non-computer" time "work" at another "Huddle". The Huddle is a dive bar in Costa Mesa, CA. If anyone's ever in the LA area, please PM me and our first pitcher of Pabst is on me.


9. After graduation from UCSB in 1996, a fraternity brother and I spent 42 glorious days driving from the LA area, east across the southwest and Texas to Atlanta. Then up the eastern seaboard to Boston, where we turned around and headed back west through Toronto, Chicago, Kansas City and Denver. It was an amazing 42 days, and wish I had easy access to photos from the trip. I will have to post those at some other point, cuz they're awesome.


10. I work for a small development consulting firm. We work mainly on due diligence investigations for large residential developments. Investors need assurance that these projects will be built and there won't be any hangups, so that's where our breadth of knowledge comes in. At some point - sooner rather than later - I'd like to work for a real estate developer. Get my asz out of the office and out in the sunshine. Anyone out there know of a developer in need?


11. I was born in Huntington Beach, CA... but grew up - and currently live - in Costa Mesa, CA... It's a fantastic city with a ton of diversity and great things to do. I am an appointed official of the City - I am a member of the Historical Preservation Committee (just got back from our monthly meeting, too!). We work on a lot of fun city projects like historical murals, selection of historical buildings and placards, etc. It's a great way to stay involved in my home town. I live in a neat condo with my cat (and sometime girlfriend "roomie" :D). Here's a couple photos of my pad: living room and uhhh... living room again...


12. And finally, just a quick note regarding The Huddle. Two things pop up in my mind: one, skylive's trip. As I noted above, a buddy of mine and I took a 42-day jaunt across this great country of ours, and while sky's trip holds value of a different sort, personally, for him... I have to say that I understand how he must feel, being able to travel all over and have - literally - a gamut of FRIENDS waiting to meet him, house him, tip a beer (or rum n' coke) back with him... what an outstanding story that is... and I expected nothing less. And secondly, following Hurricane Katrina, the level of support and heartfelt emotion on this board was literally breathtaking. As I noted above, my girlfriend (let's just call her the Mrs.) is from Baton Rouge, so I had a ton of vested interest in what happened. The outpouring of support for our Huddler bretheren down there really made me appreciate what we have here as an online community... I value each day I'm able to come on here and share a laugh, exchange a recipe, talk some smack, and get to know you all a little bit better.


Well, that should do it. Big John probably has carpel tunnel syndrome now. :D Thanks for taking the time to read this milestone post. Until we meet again...



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Thanks, all. Hope the extra long post didn't make you :D


Awesome post darin! Congratulations on 12K. Sorry to hear about your friend. :D






Thanks... :D


Nice post Darin!  Let me know if you ever head east on Route 66. :D






Actually, the following summer after my cross-country trip, me and my Dad generally followed the old Route 66 to Chicago in a convertible he bought for a friend of his.


Well Done :D


Cats = the other white meat :D:huh:

Sorry about your friend - nice homage to him








Thanks.... :D


Well done. :D


I have to say, the women in your life pretty much rock.






Indeed. :D


Great post!


Will you introduce me to your mom?  :D






Thanks... and... :lol:


Nice post.


I too like cats and have two of my own, but they are really because of my wife.  I have grown to like them.  One of them is named after Donovan McNabb (Mickey.)  Maybe it's a California thing...  ;)






Cats rock. Where in Cali you at?

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Los Angeles.  Not too far from your neck of the woods, although with the traffic it feels a lot further.






Well heck, feel free to shoot me a PM if you ever have the urge to come down for a beer. Me and Big Country work a few miles apart and meet up from time to time.



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Well heck, feel free to shoot me a PM if you ever have the urge to come down for a beer.  Me and Big Country work a few miles apart and meet up from time to time.




Cool. A few months away from my first child being born so I have a feeling trips such as that will be far and few between. If I am in the area with some time I will shoot you a PM. :D

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Awesome post. Closest I've ever been to you is Newport Beach a few years ago, 2000 I think. If I'm in that area expect a PM, I'd love to go drink beer and talk football or whatever.


I have two cats and the pair of them totally rock.

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Great milestone post!! :D Enjoyed learning more about you, and I forgive you for being a cat lover. :D


I haven't been up your way since we met up with Sky, but the next time I travel to the L.A. area I'll be sure to give you a call ahead of time and we'll hit "The Huddle"!!! :D

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