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Huddle Fistfight #3

Jumpin Johnies

Who would win this fight?  

61 members have voted

  1. 1. Who would win this fight?

    • Azazello
    • I Like Soup

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If someone could cue up the Mystery Huddler photos of Soup I'd appreciate it. I'm not aware of any photos of Az so we're going to have to vote this one off of instinct and opinions from huddlers that have met Az. I have heard Az described as a vertically challenged fella that is actually pretty reserved with his opinions out in public. This is of course the polar opposite of his behavior on this site. Of course no one's ever gotten their butt kicked typing away at their computer. In my opinion this shyness could have been caused by constant beatings in his younger days. If this is true then this is a perfect matchup for Soup. Let's be honest here, did anyone truly think the guy in Soup's pictures could beat anyones's a$$? Have at it people, this should be a good one.

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They've both met each other it'll be funny to here them weigh in.  Your turn is Thursday, btw.







:D I can't wait to who you put me up against :D

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:D i'm 5'10", 200...is that a little guy?  :D


soupy better be planning to throw some salt in my eyes or something, like that ol' dirty japanese wrassler.  otherwise this could be ugly...


and who the f*ck told you i'm reserved with my opinions out in public?  :D






I've got to stay quiet with my sources. If you're 5'10 200 pounds then you'd roll Soup. He's like 5'2" 125 pounds. I should've paired him up with Unateve or Dr. Saclebeau.

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Can I volunteer? And throw in Mauraders for good measure.  :D










Bring it on Hugie, I am ready and willing. :D



And leave my little Bro, out of it.

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:D i'm 5'10", 200...is that a little guy?  :D







I'll buy the 200 pounds, but you're only 5-10 in heels. :D


yeah and dave is dumpy and of course gayer looking version of the king of queens guy







Sheeeit, Kevin James wishes he looked like this. :D

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