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Fast, Easy, Good, and Low Cal


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I am not a cook. Not by a long shot. I need a few things that dont take anytime, that I can microwave or easy to make in the oven, that are high protein/low carb/low fat, and delicious! And I dont want it to take long. Any ideas?

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:D i rarely do nutritional breakdowns.... i will come up with some for you, it's just a different spin for me...



off the top of my head:

- stir-fries

- salads with misc meats and fish

- (when you have time) roasted chicken with veggies



basically avoiding fatty foods and lowering grains, which is hard for me because i love noodles, rice, potatoes, etc.


types of oils can make a difference as well:

- look for ones with low saturated fat

- canola, safflower, olive are pretty good

- coconut, palm, and regular butter are not good


try to cut down on cheeses as well

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I like boiled chicken brest, Very easy but takes a few minutes. Just boil some water drop some boneless skinless chicken brest in and season the hell out of the water. Very tasty, very easy :D



3 out of 4 aint bad :D

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If you could give me a few of the foods you like to eat- I might be able to help you out-I have a web site www.emptyskillet.com -and I cook for private families during the week-a couple are on Carb free diets-atkins-lactose intolerant-you name it-I can probably give you a few fast easy recipes to follow








:D nice



marinades/grilling isn't bad.

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Here's what I had for dinner:


Trader Joe's frozen green beans



Sautee green beans in olive oil, add garlic. Add shrimp when beans are about done, eat.


Takes 5 minutes, healthy, lots of protein, and very tasty.

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i'm going to post misc recipes as the days roll on:


easy stir fry:

2 lbs of steak, 1 inch dice

2-3 tbs cornstarch

pick your veggies

low sodium/low cal teriyaki sauce

2 tbs canola oil


1. lightly toss steak in corn starch

2. oil in saute pan

3. brown all sides of steak

4. add veggies

5. add sauce


*if you would like to ticken you sauce use a slurry (4 tsp cornstarch+ 1 tbs water mixed well)...add to boiling sauce.

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3-4 chiken breasts

zucchini (somewhat thin slices)

yellow squash (what thing slices)


2 C olive oil

2/3 C red wine vinegar

1 tsp thyme

1 tsp oregano

1 tsp basil

1 tsp crushed red pepper

S&P to taste.


combine everything from oil down. then split in half.

use half for chicken (marinade abotu 20-30 min) and half for the veggies.


grill them up!

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