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beer question....


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anyone ever have pabst and how is it?


i was told today that pabst wins taste tests all the time and that it is a good beer....i said bullcrap....






I would drink PBR over bud any day. However, that ain't saying much. I believe that Darin is our resident PBR guru. Be interested to see what he says.

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Frank Booth: What kind of beer do you drink, neighbor?

Jeffrey Beaumont: Heineken.

Frank Booth: Heineken? F uck that foreign sh it! Pabst Blue Ribbon is what you'll drink tonight!

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Mmm, Pabst. :homerdrool:


Pabst is the King of Cheap Beers. I don't care what Budweiser says. To me, Budweiser, and to some degree, Coors and Miller products, don't taste all that good. They taste the SAME, honestly. Coors Light's a little more watered-down. Bud Light and Miller Light taste the same to me. Anyways, Pabst is just your standard BEER. I think it just has a different taste to all the old standbys.


Call me crazy, but I really enjoy a "Trailer Park Lemonade": pint glass of Pabst - on ice - with a twist of lemon. Just try it. Especially during the hot summer months.

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Just razzing you since I haven't seen you post much lately. :D







I'm really not much into posting.

(As you can see from my # and post count).


I usually just lurk alot.

(And most of my posts are from the 4983 and 4983 forum)

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