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Huddle Fights

Dr. Sacrebleu

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Huddle Fist Fight #1 - The Biggest Loser

darin3 vs Big Country

Judges Still deliberating




Huddle Fist Fight #2 - Hillbilly Hoedown

Spain vs H8Tank

H8tank in a split decision. (115-112; 113-111; 111-113) These Titans of the Huddle go for a bloodied full 15 rounder like in the days of yore. A brawl supreme in which both contestants lose their tooth. Tongues were wagging when it was pointed out that the deciding judge in the bout was H8’s uncle and half-brother. H8’s camp denied allegations of collusion and pointed out that the same judge was also Spain’s cousin and brother-in-law


Huddle Fist Fight #3 - Metrosexual Mania

Azazello1313 vs I Like Soup


Though a seeming mismatch, this bout ends up in a hard fought draw. The tale of the tape was not kind, as Soup was giving up 74 pounds, 14 inches in height, and no tape measure was small enough to measure his reach. Though soup lands an astonishing 314 punches, 290 of them are considered "glancing or inefectual blows". Az "the debater" Azello connects only 13 times, but knocks Soup to the mat on each finely constructed blow. Soup, though bloodied, was undettered, and rose from the matt each time encourage by the crowd. Not surprisingly, 173 low blows were recorded.


Huddle Fist Fight #4 - The Massacre in Manila

Whitney Walters vs msaint

WW by KO in the 1st

1st round KO deemed quickest in huddle fights‘s history. Msaint down only 7 seconds out of the box. He is heard muttering “buy my book” on the way to the hospital. In the same bout, Whitney also K.O.s the ring announcer for using the name Whitney, as well as the ring girl, commentator , and rows E through J because, as the pugilist said later, “you know they were thinking it”



Huddle Fist Fight #5 - Dirty Dancing

NSAB in a unanimous decision (108-104; 109-106; 108-105). 12 rounds of all the best Sicily has to offer in the sweet science. Both boxers go the distance in a fight that makes their mamas proud. Ultimately, the Filthadelphia ganglands style proves to be too much for the Whoomp There It Is defense



Unofficial Huddle Fist Fight #6 - Battle of the Bar Flies

twiley vs Jumpin Johnies

Twiley by KO in the 5th

A bout that casts a dark shadow on the HFF organization. Due to a clerical error, Jumping Johnnies entered the ring versus Twiley, not Mrs Twiley as had originally been scheduled. The HFF refuses to sanction this fight, yet allows it to go on because it won’t give up the gate receipts. JJ refuses to go down in the biggest mismatch of Huddle Fistfight history until the 5th round. Though Jjs days are no longer numbered, obviously he will never fight again, and only time will tell if he will recover all of his mental faculties.



Huddle Fist Fight #6 - The Texas Dough Boy vs The Beer Man

DMD vs Chavez

DMD KO in the 9th.

DMD led this bout from beginning to end in the scorers cards, but the denouement shocked the audience in a most unforeseen manner. At 1:12 in the 9th DMD was ahead on the official scorecard 85-79 (though the independent newspaper, Spain Times, had Chavez in the lead) when DMD unleashed a haymaker that knocked Chavez out of the ring, through the doors, and halfway back to Michigan. Later on officials find a thread-gun in DMDs right glove. Curiously no action was taken by the Huddle Ethics Committee. More curious still, Team Chavez seems to be unable to log on to register a complaint


Huddle Fist Fight #7 - The First to Surrender

Dr. Sacrebleu vs untateve

Untateve wins by Sacrebleu throwing in towel.

In the waning seconds of this 3 rounder, Sacrebleu’s camp throws in the towel. Though the judges had Untateve up by 8-2, the result, though not unexpected, certainly did surprise the audience. Untateve’s camp talked up their boxer‘s ‘phantom punch’, but replays clearly show that sacrebleu was felled by a soft ‘patty cake’ slap to the chest. Both boxers have had their licenses revoked, and the HFF has agreed to reimburse the paying members of the audience. Sacrebleu also ends up surrendering to Czarina, and Luxembourg in this bout.



Huddle Fist Fight #8 - All Dawgs go to Heaven

Grits and Shins vs Seattle LawDawg


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