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Dynasty Virgin here...


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id thought id ask in the advice forum here weather you draft for the present , futurie or both?


im almost tempted to load up on the youngin's and turn this into a Fantasy IRA, but running a crap team for a few years doesnt sound to appealing.


basically looking for your thoughts and mindsets when going into a Dynasty initial draft.

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I draft young, but not too young. Too young comes with too many risks, as does too old, albeit for different reasons. A 3rd or 4th year RB who has been succesful for those years is a much better bet than a rookie or a guy who has one decent year under his belt. That actually goes for all positions. I would apply this "strategy" to the first several rounds. At some point it's fine to take chances on younger and older players. Keep in mind, you will have a rookie draft every year so you can fill your voids.


Some examples: I drafted Alexander and D. Davis as my RB's two years ago. They've been great. At QB I drafted Favre. In that year's rookie draft I picked Eli. That should work for me now.


I guess it's a combination of old and young, with the rookie draft being the key to plugging holes or filling in for older players as their numbers begin to fade.

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Draft to have a solid team, but pepper in a lot of backup RBs such as Duckett, Cedric Benson etc. throughout the draft. Even if some don't work out you will end up with some 2, even 3 years down the road that will turn into starters. Even if they're just taking up space right now you will end up happy in th elong run. The same can be said for LBs for defense. You can never have too many of either.

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Hugh talking to Hugh? :D Whats up with that?


But yes do wht Hugh said. Dynasty leagues can be tough to hold interest if someone has a bad initial year or two. I have won titles in two seperate dynasty leagues with a good mix of young and established players. I have also found building a team is easier and faster through free agency and trades, depending on your roster size.

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thats the downfall of an internet slow draft, you dont get to see guys faces turn red when you grab thier guy...i live for that moment on draft day.


like when i grabbed javon walker 1 pick before the biggest cheesehead i know 2 years ago...i thought the man was gonna cry...he was even wearing a walker jersey.


thanks for the advice guys

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I like to draft young up and coming players with a few key veterans mixed in. Last year I joined a start up 10 team dynasty league and decided to mostly forgoe the first year to build for the future.


The team I drafted (auction sytle)














Ricky Williams







Reggie Williams

Roy Williams



Dallas Clark



That team was full of youth ... Palmer and Brees entering their 2nd or 3rd years.


All of the RBs are VERY young with the exception of Taylor and Williams.


A very young WR corps.



I drafted this team to be strong in the future ... but it was good enough to win the SB in it's first year.

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