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2006 Final Four Basketball Office Pool

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I know there is another office pool going on and I'm not trying to compete, just wanted to post my other hobbie once Fantasy Football is done.


Men's 2006 Final Four March Madness Office Pool Contest


Entries are now being accepted for the 2006 March Madness Office Pool. The NCAA Men's College Basketball pairings have been anounced and the field of 64 is about set. There is one play in game on Tuesday to determine the final team.


Once again I am running free final four office pool. You may enter as many times as you would like. When entering multiple times please place a number after your name. For example, if you plan on entering 3 brackets you would enter as the following:


Timmy 1

Timmy 2

Timmy 3



Information on the Free Office Pool

Cost Per Entry: none

Payout Percent: none

Deadline: Tipoff on Thursday, March 16

Enter Picks at:


Scoring Points

points are scored for each game you correctly pick.


Round 1 - 2 points

Round 2 - 3 points

Round 3 - 5 points

Round 4 - 8 points

Round 5 - 12 points

Round 6 - 16 points


Ties will be broken in the follow manner


first method: Most teams correctly picked in the Sweet 16

second method: Total pick percentage

third method: Total points in championship game


2006 Men's Final Four Brackets


Viewable Bracket


Printable Bracket

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One problem with this pool...


Cost Per Entry: none

Payout Percent: none



...maybe you could at least change the payout percentage to 100% seeing as how the entry fee is nothing.

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