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Double Elim 8 Ball Tourny Signup


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Attention all Huddle Pool hustlers! I am starting a pool tournament that will be played over at Yahoo. When I mentioned it on another thread, I had alot of interest, so I've decided to start a sign up list now. I already have listed people that have expressed interest in it below. Hopefully we will be able to start playing after the NFL draft is completed, even if the Vikes take an extra minute for each pick. We should be able to start sometime in the beginning of May. With the pace that the current pool tournament is going, that should be finished by then.



We'll have a 16 man double elimination format. The bracket will be here. All tournament players and others will be able to follow along with the results.


We'll use a dice roll to determine the brackets. Smallest roll on top down to the largest roll on the bottom.


Since it's double elimination, we will use a best of 5 in the 8-ball (no-timer) games played at yahoo.


As before, all decisions will be decided by the yahoo rules of 8 ball.


After matchups are created, you will be responsible for scheduling games with your opponent at your convenience. We may be playing 2nd round games and 1st round games at the same time, but try to keep with the flow.


This is a great place to play if you weren't able to get into the Hugh's tournament or if you were in Hugh's tournament. :D If we have enough interest, we could run two 16 man brackets. So sign up even if we have 16 already.


1. MikesVikes immikesvikes 84

2. Junebugz junebugz78 142

3. Hugh One hughones2002 101

4. Canes2004 68

5. T_Bones65 tedbamforth 161

6. Timmypg Timmypg 103

7. darin3 darin333@sbcglobal.net 130

8. Twiley ccreatve 100

9. Piranha oxv21 67

10. rocknrobn26 rocknrobn26 139

11. ChuckB dallen188 99

12. Easy n Dirty easyndirty 46

13. Seattle LawDawg cfwilen 65

14. Hugh-mongus spicydeer 123

15. dmarc117 soro888 87

16. Marauders11 JDBLEM 99


Edited to add Piranha in for retrograde assault who has bowed out.

Edited by MikesVikes
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I would love to play, but I will be out of town May 1-5, if it starts the week after that I am good. If it is the week of the 1st you will need to replace me.







Maybe if we have a 2nd set of 16 players, we can bump you to the 2nd bracket. That would probably start later.


The thought of having a 32 man double elimination bracket is brutal. I've had experience with that with the kids when they were in wrestling. After a bracket like that is done, you feel like you've adopted some of those kids after awhile.


If we do have a 2nd tourney, I'm sure it would start later than the first.

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