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Double Elim 8 Ball Tourny Signup


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Maybe if we have a 2nd set of 16 players, we can bump you to the 2nd bracket.  That would probably start later.


The thought of having a 32 man double elimination bracket is brutal.  I've had experience with that with the kids when they were in wrestling.  After a bracket like that is done, you feel like you've adopted some of those kids after awhile.


If we do have a 2nd tourney, I'm sure it would start later than the first.







That's cool just let me know and I will keep checking this thread for updates

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OK everybody on the list go here for their dice roll.


How Many dice? 2

How many sides? 100

Anything added? NO

Uncheck Drop Highest/Lowest roll

Repeat Roll 1 Time


What is the Roll for? Huddle 8 ball + Your Name

Enter your e-mail

Also e-mail to mikesvikes@hotmail.com


After you have all of this info ROLL THEM BONES!!!



I need somebody's email address to send my roll to.

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A suggestion.....

How about a list of everyone's Yahoo name?

Oh and the aimer should be illegal! :D


edit for:

Yahoo name=rocknrobn26 :doah:

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