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Double Elim 8 Ball Bracket


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Bracket Link


Schedule a time with your opponent and let's get it on!


Games will be played at Yahoo (Rated game with no timer). Best of Five format. First to win 3 so you don't have to play all five to advance.


Follow the action here. Good luck to all.


Here are the first round matchups...


Easy n Dirty (46) vs Seattle LawDawg (65)

Piranha (67) vs Canes2004 (68)


MikesVikes (84) vs dmarc117 (87)

ChuckB (99) vs Marauders11 (99)



Twiley (100) vs Hugh One (101)

Timmypg (103) vs Hugh-mongus (123)


darin3 (130) vs rocknrobn26 (139)

Junebugz (142) vs T_Bones65 (161)


Click on Game Details of the first round matchups for Yahoo IDs (found in the bracket). The bracket is not published, so you can't find it without the link.

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Darin 3

rr26 2

If someone would have cleaned the table.....What a hanger I had!  LOL  All I needed was a pixel!  :D






Yeah if either one of us farted, that ball woulda dropped.


RR took game 1 after a fantastic leave on an otherwise tough shot on the 8. I sprinted ahead 2-1 after I got hot. RR came back to tie it at 2-2 after some horrible shots on my part. The final game literally came down to the last 3 balls, one each and the 8. We both had tough cuts; I missed mine - just barely - and then RR's was literally see-sawing on the edge of the pocket. I sank mine, but didn't leave it too well... was able to sink the 8 on a long shot. Great games! :D

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I hate it when the cue ball gets stuck in a corner. There's not a chance in He** to make anything on that. But this sounds more like the game me and Hugh One had when he cleared the table but the 8 ball bounced around the pocket and didn't fall.

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Calling Seattle LawDawg, calling Seattle LawDawg - whenever you're ready.  best times for me are typically during the day (Eastern time of course, everything else is irrelevant  :D  ).






SLD does consulting for a law firm during the day so he's usually pretty busy. 4 months ago... he'd have to work you in between sleeping, drinking, and playing golf. :D

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where is Chuck B. I gotta give him another beat down like I did in Huddle Fights  :D








Unlikely, this isn't a popularity contest :D








BTW, I'll try to check in tomorrow sometime before 3pm.

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