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Spain Playing Poker again


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We started with 180 players. Top 18 get paid. we are down to 18 but i am about 16th in chips. This is the tourney I won last night at poker stars. My name is Huddler. tourney #26487279. come watch

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Shouldn't you be at work or are you sponging off our hard-earned tax dollars like a free-loading liberal?


P.S. Good luck.


daughter is home from school sick so i have to keep her this morning. wife gets her this afternoon.


i am now 9th out of 14 players with ~12, 700 in chips.

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spain in 6th out of 11... the leaders are way out there though... he'll need to take down a few nice-sized pots to really feel comfortable


he's finally in a hand... and takes down a small pot... hey, every little bit helps


blinds up to 800/1600 with 75 ante


takes down another small one

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obviously, Kuntakente is my intended target next time i catch a hand.


You and everyone else.


And the guy catches an ace on the river to stay alive against spain. Wow.


And then puts him all in again, and spain's hand holds up. What a 'tahrd.


We've entered hand-for-hand play now, so it will slow down a bit.


spain's in 5th out of 10... 22k in chips... leaders have ~45k


Ouch. spain loses good-sized hand.

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9th out of 10. lost a big pot to a guy who caught two pair to my top pair. ~11k in chips now


time to pick a hand...


and we're on a break...


chip count is:


can do it: 46k

loader: 45k

poker: 43k

hencus: 26k

djd: 22k

jester: 21k

druid: 21k

moj: 19k

diamonds: 14k

SPAIN: 11k


time to make a move!

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Dang 10 of 10 and top 9 make the cut? Spain gonna pull a Michelle Wei?


Well, i am already in the money. difference between 10th and 9th place is about $20. I need to make that final table.


I just all in UTG. everybody folded.

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blinds up to 1k/2k with 100 ante


spain at 14k with a couple of decent players (and chip leaders) to his left, which does not bode well


spain's happy! moves up a spot as low stack gets bit hard on a boat.. so now in 9th, and moves up in the pay structure


final table... spain playing from short stack

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