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Trouble brewing in the land of BFD

Big F'n Dave

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You're doing too much, too fast BFD.


She's not going to feel appreciated if you immediately start doing everything she did when she stayed at home.


Struggle with it a little. Take her corrections in stride and tell her you have no idea how she did it all.


She'll be happy and you may get a little. :D


This is a man who Knows Things. :D

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As some of you know, I sold my business several months ago and have since been kinda looking for a job/kinda fu*king off playing golf and stuff. Well the job search has gone into hyperdrive here in the past four to six weeks, but still nothing's happening. So Mrs. BFD (after 10 years out of the work force) went on her first interview last week and - BOOM - gets hired on as a writer for our local paper.

She started Monday and has been doing the 9 - to- 5. I've made an attempt to pick up the slack around the house. It's not my strong point, but I have made an attempt. Went grocery shopping today, the two kids in tow. Finished the list, returned home in a shorter time than she ever makes it and put the groceries away. She comes in for lunch 10 minutes after I'd put all the sh*t away and proceeds to redo everything. Apparent;y, I'd put every single item in the wrong place. In addition, I'd stripped the beds before I left and was washing some clothes. She wants to know why I was washing this with that, what setting had I used for the comforter, blah blah f'n blah.

I was single for 29 years before I was married. I know how to put away groceries and do laundry. I told her how aggravating it was have her come behind me and redo all of the things I'd done (IN AN ATTEMPT TO HELP HER) and she gets pissy about ME being in a bad mood. :D

I'm gonna make a prediction here: BFD will be gainfully employed OR single within the next six weeks. :D



Quick. Turn your TV to TBS for some pointers.

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:D You ungrateful.... She's out there fighting rush hour traffic to bring home the bacon... Fighting the man everyday to make a buck. I tell ya, you domestic types have no idea how it is out there. Its a JUNGLE. Is it so much to ask that things be in the right place when she gets home? How is she supposed to know where the beer is so she can watch sportscenter? :D And could you put on a little makeup before she gets home so that she knows you care? Make sure the skirt is freshly ironed. :D And would it hurt to get on the treadmill for a couple minutes while you watch Oprah? Jesus, no wonder that new secretary looks so good to her. :D




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