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New Yearly League on Sportsline - Backyard Brawl


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Just started up a new yearly league at Sportsline at the $250 per team level. After watching all these mocks I have been itching to do a real draft. And, to me, the real art is drafting in June/July -- anyone can tell you who the starting backs are in September. I think things are far more interesting now...


You can join via the link below:




The draft is set for tomorrow night at 9:15 PM EST, but it won't go off until we have enough folks join tonight.


Let me know if any questions.


Oh, and thank you for your donation. :D

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So sportsline charges you $250 for the league and the winner wins $1600. 12 teams x $250 = $3,000. Where did the other $1,400 go? Commissioner costs about $125, so that still leaves $1,175 unaccounted for. Are you paying sportsline $1,175 to hold onto $1,400 for 6 months? Banks do that for you and pay you something called interest. Unless you are a Beverly Hillbilly, and then the bank just does it for free. Unless Jed decides to withdraw all $50 million into nickels and bury it in the back yard. Do you work for Sportsline?



I would imagine Sportsline gets a fee, but not that much. You forgot to take into consideration the 2nd-4th place finisher's cuts if any. :D

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