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superman's powers


which power would you choose?  

49 members have voted

  1. 1. pick one ...

    • super strength
    • super speed
    • ability to fly
    • x-ray vision
    • heat vision
    • super hearing
    • big blow breath

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C'mon - who hasn't thought about being able to just take off and fly whenever and wherever you want? Speed comes with it too, cuz you'd want to fly fast. Think of all the money spent on plane tickets you'd save...

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"big blow breath" :D



whoever chooses this would share the power with squeeg ... :D


what's with this invulnerability? so you couldn't be hurt ... what does that get you?


it's all about the speed. i am just too damn impatient and would love to zap out of my life all commute time and time spent doing boring chit ...



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Well, I might be gay then, but I am taking the unlisted invulnerability. You can be super strong, but you can;t hurt me and I can shoot you. :D




If I was super strong I'd end up smacking some moran & knocking his head off his shoulders. :D

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I'm surprised Pope Flick hasn't chimed in....


and all you invulnerable homos I don my robe and wizard cap and conjour up some kryptonite on your woossy selves and mock you as you cowher into the fetal position.




:D okay there, BigBlowBreath Country. :D

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