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Sometimes in a person’s life you just have to sit back and reflect on what was, what is and what will become. As I sit here in my house with both of my precious angles asleep in bed and my wife catching some much deserved ZZs I am having one of those moments.


Right now the house is decorated for the twin’s 1st birthday party which is being held on Sunday instead of the 27th which is a Tuesday (btw happy early B-day Whom.). I just walked in through the kitchen and was taking in all that is around me. Dozens and dozens of pictures of the twins are sprinkled through our house. Each one telling a moment in time with them with laughing, crying, smiling and little smirks.


I think back to the last few months of my wife pregnancy. The running down to the hospital because her blood pressure was dangerously high or she felt like she was going into labor or just heading down to get an ultra sound. I miss all of that. But in those times of stress I had a few of you here to help me along. The list is way too long here to mention everyone’s names but the two that always had something to say for me were T_bone65 and Skins. My Maryland huddlers. Skins always has the facts for me and I guess that is the lawyer in him but he really did give me great advice. T_bone65 well we were both going through the same thing at the same time. And that was awesome. Though I’ve never met any of you all in real life to me it doesn’t matter. I feel like I have.


My wife who is my everything to me that I am not will never know just how much she has impacted me. Words can never describe the deep feeling one human being has for another one that they partner with. I guess love would be the closest but that word fall way short of how I feel towards her. She doesn’t understand how a bunch of people scattered across the US, Canada and elsewhere banging away on keyboards can be such good friends. I mean really most of us only know each other through silly gremlins and fonts and quirky posts but it transcends that. Unless you belong to the huddle/tailgate you would never know. But she is coming along.


I guess what this post is about is I am thankful for all that I have family, friends, money, health and happiness. I am thankful for the sleeping angles upstairs right now and momma bear snoozing away. I am thankful for my health, to be here right now to enjoy all of this. I am thankful for all of you (even Spain :D ) because as we get older our circle of friends tends to shorten. But not here. It is more than a fantasy football forum. It is a community.


I bet DMD never thought his little business would become all of this but I am thankful that he and his staff work so hard for us (even with banner ads :D ).


Most importantly I am thankful that I have lived long enough to be right where I am right now and could not ever wish or find a better time or place to be.

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geez ... another drunken rant by cliaz. two in one week!




good stuff my brother. i just returned from taking the two boys to the padres game and we had a great time. i even got the little one the big foam finger, which i am not a fan of, but boy it sure made his night.




cherish every moment.

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