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typical cliaz trash post


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We had a kid in the neighborhood that would get raspberry filled donuts and heat them up in the microwave. Then he would, well, just imagine the scene from “American Pie”. Dude was a perv. But check it, everyone has that myth from high school where some dude put peanut butter on his package and let a dog lick it off, well this dude really did this and his mom walked in on him.


I think chicks with lots of freckles are sexy but not way too many like a red head.


My one high school math teacher used to tell me that I would regret never paying attention to him and his lectors in school. In basic training I had a hard time doing English to Metric conversions and that is why I curse the metric system every chance I get. That and I hate the fact that Mr. Roberts was right.


The most intelligent and emotionally stable women in the world are Dutch, Swedish, Spanish and Australian. The biggest perverts are French, English, German, Chinese, Japanese; Dirty Knees look at these (points to boobs) and Italian.


Best food in the world to me is Maryland blue crabs.


Once when we were doing field training (in the army) my 2nd Lt. told me that I should take sh1ts at the top of a hill in the woods. That way it rolls down hill. So I did and once I was in the wiping phase he came running out of the brush laughing and shoved me down the hill before I could stand up and pull up my BDU bottoms.


I find that what happened to N.O. was a disgrace to the people who suffered, to our government and to a lot of the local government that took advantages of the suffering of human beings to get their 15 minutes on CNN. And G*d bless anderson cooper for trashing them live on TV. And nothing reaffirmed my faith in the human race than watching what the huddle did to help out those in need.


Why is it you always have to drop a deuce right as the plane is taking off?


Anyone else ever get horny watching Animal Planet?

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