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Hey ChuckB & Mauraders


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:D And one of them is a older brother of you.





Good point, but...


For each additional brother that precedes him, a boy's likelihood of growing up gay increases by a third.


So my chances increased 1/3. Chuck's increased 3/3 = 1, so obviously Chuck is gay.









Oh and I do realize that Chuck's only increased 59.26 % as you add the third to the previous total. :D

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i dont htink u need to worry since youre brother is gay



If I want any sh!t out of you, I'll squeeze your head.


F in Bumle Hunter. :D

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one of the google ads attached to the article is to "borndifferent.org" :D


their splash page has this:

we're born the way we're born

32% of the population is born blue-eyed

25% of the population is born with attached earlobes

15% of the population is born left-handed

4% of the population is born with red hair

3% of the population is born gay


so...my wife is left-handed, has blue eyes, red hair, and attached earlobes... :D

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I had always heard that being the first male child, especially if preceded by a sister or two, enhanced a child's chances of turning out gay (the idea being that they grow up living most of the day in a house with a mother and a couple older sisters, femals only, and then they start playing with dolls, and it's a slippery slope from there).

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:D And ChuckB has three older brothers.

Maybe his username should be switched to PeppermintPatti :D





Why are you jealous of my manliness? I know it comes natural to me and you have to try real hard with the wife and family as a disguise for your latent homosexuality and all, but it's OK you're my brother and I love you no matter what :therapeutichug:.





Oh and I really don't believe this bull chit is the reason Marauders is gay.














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