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I just sold my soul


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I am being pursued by the gumment apply for a job with the SIS agency (for lack of a better vague term). I have applied and do not know if I will get it but we will see what happens. I have always wanted to start my own business but the chance to retire in 20 years and have total job security while helping the country has overridden my financial ambitions. I also do not wish for the stress of starting up a small business. I can now have a daily nerd-out on you guys Benjamins. On the plus side, I believe I can still consult part-time and make a tidy sum.


Now I have to lay up and wait for the next 6 weeks.

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Good luck, Polk.


I think with retirement plans all but gone from the private sector, and early evidence that 401k plans are a poor substitute ... gubmint work can be a pretty darn smart choice. I regret not sticking with it -- well, "regret" is a strong word, but the retirement benefits, including double-dipping, would be pretty sweet right now.


And I heard you don't have a soul. Or was that me? Eh, nevermind.

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Working for the fed is a slight step above welfare. The hours just aren't quite as good. My best friend from high school decided to get out of the private sector. His handicap has improved after being stagnant for years. :D

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