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Drug company steals millions from US Government


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For the past 6 years the US government has worked for the drug companies.

The oil companies.

The insurance companies...


It's us they stole it from. And dumb voters put them back in office. :D


And where is the report on that $8.8 billion unaccounted for in Iraq? Oh yeah, republican congress.




"NIH tells us it has no centralized inventory system that could tell the NIH director how many vials of tissues are in freezers at a particular institute," said Representative Joe Barton , Republican of Texas and House Energy and Commerce Committee chairman . ``It would really be a shame if we find out that the National Institutes of Health has more control over its paper clips and trash cans than it has over its human tissue samples."


Why not???

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A friend of mine helps whistle-blowers get their fraudulent information into the right hands of the DoJ. He had the following comment when I sent him this link:


1. Pfizer is a target of a qui tam alleging that is falsified pricing data sent to Medicare. All of Big spam is corrupt and under DOJ investigation for the same average wholesale price violations. Expect to see large settlements in the next year or two or three. The drug companies are fighting hard but I've seen the evidence - invoices where the drug companies told Medicare they were charging $100 for a drug as their avg wholesale price, agreeing to charge Medicare 95% of $100, but then selling the same exact drug to an HMO for $13. The set of facts is so bad for the drug companies, Pfizer included, that there's no way this ever goes to trial. 10 states and the DOJ are in the case and have, at this point, over a 100 lawyers working full time against Big spam.


2. NIH grant fraud is omni-present <snip>. The NIH is a pretty corrupt organization in itself, and it got that way because Big spam made lots of political contributions to Congress and paid for legisltation that benefits Big spam at the expense of the taxpayer.

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