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Took long enough but I finally made it. To the fellas in the Faultline :D Big fun was had that August weekend in Palm Springs. Hope the live draft tradition continues in some form or another. To all the huddlers I've met here on the boards, you are what make this a great place to hang out, get some yuks, and gain invaluable info on all subjects, including football. I salute you :D:lock:


Alright, enough of this sentimental crapola, time for the show. I will attempt to avoid the dreaded thread gun (seen here) and still provide an entertaining yet edgy effort that you wacky huddlers demand :D


I'll start off with various airplane vids.


I've posted this before and it was well received, F-18 flight done to the classic Magic Carpet Ride


F-18 flight


Next, airshow footage featuring the Blue Angels, Snow Birds, and other flight teams, very well done.


Air Show stuff


This guy has nerves of steel :D


And then there are these guys,




Rough landing



Before I forget, heres something for the sheep loving huddlers Sheep Riders


Now we move to the..."loaf loves this stuff section", featuring chills, thrills, and spills. We'll open with a montage of motorcycle getoffs


A mixture of cars and cycles BANG


Strictly rally cars BOOM


Unicyclists must have NADS OF STEEL


And finally, we'll end this section with Slambo's Most Painful Elimination of the Post Slambo's Impact Replay


With all the popularity of reality shows, one that gets little mention is Little People, Big World. In this section I will homage to the little folks of the world, Enjoy


You figure this one out, it cracks me up everytime Little Man


Need a bodyguard, here's your man :D:D:D


Little vs Littler :D


Little matadors, little bulls Toro, Toro


Little Rockers MINI KISS

and here they are in concert :D:D:D


Well that concludes the little person portion of my show. However that last vid sorta starts the musical portion of the show. What kind've 1000th post would this be without an obligatory GWAR video :sick:


Lets take it down a notch. For you Beatles fans, My Guitar Gently Weeps performed on a UKULELE

For you Van Halen fans, Eruption on VIOLIN

Now lets spice it up a bit. Not really a Jessica Simpson fan, but I did like this video and she did look mighty fine These Boots

Some more sweetness :lock:Sugar, Sugar


That ends the musical portion of the show.



Sheeeeeesh, look who showed up in this post, Raider "I paid to get into the game, I can say whatever I want" Fan :sick:


Shows over, hope you enjoyed




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