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TE Rank'em: LJ Smith, Ben Watson, Kellen Winslow,

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All three are in very good situations this year, however, in 14 team leagues LJ is going in the 7th, Kellen in the 8th round and Ben the 11th?does that look right to you, curious for some input about three TE's that will more than likely pull some attention on your draft day...

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Ben Watson has too much te competition and Winslow is pretty much still a rookie...LJ is proven and is probably going to be D-Nabbs #1 passing option this year



I agree, and Jack is right: LJ was tearing it up before McNabb got injured. In fact, I think he may be the best bargain at the TE position this year.

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For this coming season Watson is the best option. He was really heating it up during the playoffs and has established himself as Brady's go-to-guy (although he should have been used more against Dever). Winslow should be chosen over Watson in keeper leagues however.

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LJ. McNabb has to throw to somebody besides Reggie and Westy.

Watson. Even with the competition.

Winslow... what winslow? Is he still around? Oh, you mean Jr.... the one with the injuries.

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LJ- may be the #1 option for Philly

Winslow- if healthy could be top 5 or better

Watson- Too many players on NE catching passes. They will continue to spread the ball around

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lj no question goes first among those 3. no competition for the spot, proven success, and will need to carry more of the load with TO gone.


i'd go watson after that, just because the guy is a freak. he has more competition, but this guy can fly and he is hugh. i look for a very solid season from him this year.


winslow is a hugh risk. who knows how he will come back, how he will be able to respond to a full season, and how cleveland will use him? he would be my late round gamble as a TE #2. there are just too many good TEs out there to have to bank on this big question mark.

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1. Ben Watson


Watch this guy, go Antonio Gates and become an elite TE in his second year playing. He has that kind of freakish ability. Word is, he is going to be the top target for Tom Brady. With all the "?" marks at Wide Receiver, I can't blame them.


2. LJ Smith


Before McNabb's injury, here is Smith's pace;


72 Catches

722 Yards

6 Touchdowns


That's a tremendous ammount, considering it's likely that his targets will increase with Owens' absence.


3. Kellen Winslow II


Has elite ability. But his injury usually takes two years to recover fully. Not only that, but of these three TEs, he has the least favorable QB situation. He should become a solid fantasy option, but I can't see him becoming the player he was hyped to be this year.

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LJ Smith, Ben Watson, Kellen Winslow


I like LJ #1 on this list beacuse he's a baller and has no other comp on hi team for catches at his position.


#2 is a toss up because I think the browns will us the hell out of Winslow this year but only if his health will I put him here.


#3 Watson has too many other hands catching the ball

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#1 LJ - Good QB and most likely his #1 target this year.


#2 Ben - best QB but the ball gets spread out to thin sometimes however he could be the best value by far.


#3 Kellen - worst QB, injury risk and unproven talent @ NFL level although he has all the tools to be great it won't happen this year.

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