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Subject: Respect Them Enough To Tell The Truth


The Omega Letter


Jack Kinsella Wednesday, June 21, 2006


At Least Respect Them Enough To Tell the Truth


What is it with the mainstream media? When some low-life terrorist whose handlers taught him to lie as needed claims he was tortured by US troops at Gitmo, the headlines read, "Detainees Tortured by US Troops."


But when two young American soldiers are abducted, tortured, and then brutally murdered by beheading, the New York Times headline reads, "US Says 2 Bodies Retrieved in Iraq Were Brutalized." Note the difference -- it is more than just a distinction.


If a scumbag terrorist claims he was tortured, the headline is unqualified; 'Detainees Tortured' -- period. If a murdering swine captured while trying to kill Americans claims a government he despises above all else claims he was mistreated, the media reports it as fact.


Like when the murdering swine who claimed that their guards flushed a Koran down the toilet -- it was reported as fact first, then investigated later.


When fanatical terrorists, hoping to call attention to themselves by going on a hunger strike, are force-fed by US troops (to keep them alive) -- well, THAT, according to the mainstream press, is 'torture'.


But when the bodies of kidnapped American soldiers are found tortured and beheaded, it reported as A US 'allegation' -- not a fact -- and to New York Times, 'torture' is what Americans do to terrorists. When terrorists torture and behead helpless American captives, the best the Times can do to describe it is to say they were 'brutalized.'


The South African Independent Online ran as its headline, "Kidnapped American Soldiers MAY Have Been Tortured."


Ok, let's run with that. At Gitmo, it is alleged that detainees were sometimes kept in really hot or really cold rooms for hours at a time. The detainees (terrorists all) sometimes didn't get their meals on time. They would have loud music played in their cells for extended periods.


According to the liberal media and Leftist Democrats like John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi and, in particular, Dick Durbin, such tactics are 'barbaric', 'worthy of the Nazis or the Khymer Rouge' and, without question, 'torture' as the Left understands the term.


But when two young American soldiers (they were 23 and 25 years old) were captured, they weren't afforded a clean cell, three meals a day, time for religious observation and instruction, hot showers, medical care and visits from the Red Cross while being 'tortured' by having the a/c turned down too low.


These young American heroes were 'tortured' in the sense of what Americans understand as 'torture'. You know, beaten and stabbed, eyes gouged out, fingers broken, and finally, beheaded. Not a nice, clean, beheading by a large Nubian eunuch with a keen eye and a sharp blade.


Our forces were beheaded the way Nick Berg was beheaded; screaming in terror and pain as a depraved degenerate slowly cut through their flesh to the neck bone, until the terrorist, (who practice this on animals) find the place between the neck bones where he can expertly sever the spinal cord and separate the victim's head from his body.


The young soldier's bodies, after having been tortured and then beheaded, were not merely dumped in the street. First they were booby-trapped in the hopes that other US soldiers, in their grief, might rush to the bodies where this act of compassion would be used like a weapon to kill them, too.


Too graphic? Make you want to run screaming from the room?


If Pfcs Kristian Menchaca (who married his 18 year-old bride a month before leaving for Iraq) and Thomas Tucker could endure it on our behalf, we owe it to them to at least endure the description of what they suffered to preserve our freedom.


And we owe them, and the rest of our forces, any of whom risk a similar fate, enough respect for how they died to tell it like it is.


None of them can running screaming from the room. That would be called 'cowardice'. When we can't even endure the description of what our forces endured ON OUR BEHALF, then what does that make US?




The Washington Post decided that it would cover how the US military was responsible for the kidnapping, torture and murder of two helpless captive GIs, giving the murdering scumbags who committed it a pass.


Under an ominous headline alleging "Question Arise After US Finds Two Bodies", the Post reports that; "top U.S. commander ordered an investigation into why the men were isolated from a larger force in such a dangerous part of Iraq." To the Post, the blame belongs to the US military.


The Post reported the killings in a concise, matter-of-fact way, as if it were perfectly acceptable for al-Qaeda to torture and behead captive prisoners, because that's what they do, going so far as to explain their justification as 'revenge' for the killing of abu Musab al Zarqawi.


The San Francisco Chronicle opined in its headline that the; "Killings of Two Missing GIs Possibly a Show of Force by Insurgents." According to the Chronicle, the GI's murders were evidence that killing al-Zarqawi was, as they claimed at the time, 'meaningless.' The insurgents are still a force to be reckoned with, says the Chronicle.


"A show of FORCE?" By brutally murdering two bound and helpless prisoners?


In the meanwhile, President Bush is in Austria attempting to 'improve' relations with the European Community after a Council of Europe report concluded the United States was mistreating terrorist detainees by allowing them to be interrogated outside the United States under a policy called 'rendition'.


Manfred Nowak, the United Nations special investigator for torture, told Agence France-Presse that the U.S.-EU summit "would be an excellent opportunity to demand, and to facilitate, an immediate closing" of the prison. Nowak participated in a U.N. investigation that produced a February report alleging treatment that "amounts to torture" at Guantanamo Bay.


It is worth noting [again] that NONE of the authors of the report even visited Guantanamo Bay. The report and its conclusions are based entirely on the testimony of the detainees who, given the chance, would have cheerfully participated in the torture and beheading of PFCs Tucker and Menchaca.


Noted the Baltimore Sun apologetically; "Human rights "is an issue that still causes considerable anguish in Europe. They almost go out of their way to put the issue on the agenda, because they need to demonstrate to their publics that they're putting pressure on Bush."


Evidently, American soldiers aren't 'human'.

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Wurd +1


Front Row, a quick note for you. The US stands several steps up the evolutionary chain from terrorists. This we know. Ergo, it is incumbent upon us, as part of our entire raison d'etre in Iraq and in our day to day behavior, to raise ourselves up to a level above the terrorists that is commensurate with our respective positions in human evolution.


This is why most of us think it foolish to descend to the barbaric levels our enemies occupy. It's called maintaining the high ground and we had no trouble doing it in WW2 against a far more dangerous enemy than this one.

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I'm pretty sure the first 5 paragraphs are bull. I'd have to see some proof of that.


This is reactionary tripe, so I doubt it's accuracy even less. It reads like an urban legend. Nobody is sure if the first part is true, but they believe it because of the emotional second part.


Sorry. Not buying it. The mainstream media is not pro-terrorist... even if you really really wish it were so because they keep pointing out the incredible corruption and incompetence of the current administration.

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