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This should be priority #1


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Sorry I don't have a link to this, but my brother(a staunch conservative) sent me an e-mail that was

absolutely shocking. Our senators and congressmen, after they retire, continue to draw their full salaries until the day they die. This money is coming out of our social security funds. They also continue their full benefits as well. What do they pay for this great plan? Absolutely zilch! Nada!

This is something Republicans and Democrats, Conservatives and Liberals alike need to bring to the table.

Somehow we need to adopt a bill that makes politicians pay into social security just like you and I. I only

have hopefully 11 years to go before retirement and I'm hoping like hell social security will still be around.

For the younger crowd, this would be a great big step in securing that it will be.

Am I dreaming? I hope not. We're the voters and we should be able to have some say. I think it's a travesty that Congressman Yoo Hoo makes his 150k+ salary while Joe Public is getting a measly 1000k a month. LET'S CHANGE THIS PEOPLE!!! :D

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That doesn't sound right. Congresspeople get paid full salary until they die?


Nonetheless I don't plan on social security being around when I get old. I'd rather they just scrap the whole program or at least let us opt out as long as we can prove we are investing and saving for our future.


I don't think you meant 1000k a month...

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congress, senate, prez, local government officals....they are all crooked back stabbing babies.


You know what pisses me off? All those millions and millions of dollars wasted each election season between Democrats and republicans who take cheap shots at each other on TV and radio.



Government is the worst thing ever. We should have 1 sole leader.....me.

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