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And for my 9000th post


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For my 9000th post I wanted to share the pictures from the great day we had a Hughs house on June 4th this year when we all got together. It was really a nice chance to put a face with the name of a lot of good people that I correspond with on here on a daily basis. Caveman Nick was there as well, very cool guy, but I wont have any pics posted of him due to future MH possibilities. Sorry some of these are a little blurry..As far as the milestone ill say as I always do. Thank you for the big laughs, great advice and good times..Enjoy


Our Hosts The Hugh Ones


The Master chef and The Bier Family


Bier and Baby Bier


Baby Bier


Duchess Jack and The Captains Wench


The Captains Wench


The Whompettes and FWMakers son


Whompette 1



Mrs Bier and baby Bier


Me and FWMaker


Mr and Mrs Nogohawk


Hugh Dog 1


Hugh dog 2

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check some of those links whomp ...


oh and hugh ... you're bald. like this guy -> :D


Now working. :D


Nice tip of your ponytail there. :D


And H1 is bald by choice.

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And H1 is bald by choice.



Lloyd Dobler: I got a question. If you guys know so much about women, how come you're here at like the Gas 'n' Sip on a Saturday night completely alone drinking beers with no women anywhere?


Joe: By choice, man.

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And H1 is bald by choice.






Me thinks it is by half choice, no one just shaves a full head of hair unless a: they are serving their country , b: they are a man of color in the entertainment industry, or c: it is some type of Greek fetish

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Nice job whomp, looks like a good time, sorry I missed it.


FWMaker - we must be near neighbors. I see your son with the Merillon Little League jersey. I live in New Hyde Park also, although my sons play in the Albertson Herricks Little League. I'm in the Manhasset Hills section of NHP, just south of the Northern State Parkway.

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Probably a good thing that I had to leave before the cameras came out. Which means I'm still eligable for the 2007 MH series. :D




Yeah . I realized that when I set up all the party pics..

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